The Good Boss

Clapping emoticonThe Good Boss.  Sounds like a television show, correct?  Well, real life is way more serious than the fictitious stories we see played out on television.  And, being a boss (a manager) like me is serious business.

If you report to someone in the workplace, here are five signs that the person you report to is The Good Boss (as opposed to a terrible boss):

  1. Your boss first treats you as a human being before your boss treats you as an employee, direct report, or associate.
  2. A good boss works side by side with you to develop goals that not only help the company, but also help you grow toward your career goals.
  3. If you mess up at work a good boss will not berate you or yell at you ever−not in front of anyone else and not even in private.  Any boss that berates you or yells at you does not have the maturity, temperament, or skills to be a good boss.  If you mess up at work a good boss will take that as an opportunity to (in private) take it as an opportunity to coach you so that you do not make the same mistake again.  There is one caveat to this, and that is you must learn from your mistake because if you make the same mistake again you should expect your boss to escalate the issue.
  4. For the sake of your growth as a professional and for the sake of the company a good boss should expect your best every second you are at work.
  5. A good boss creates an environment that is fun and respectful to everyone.  There are two reasons for this: 1) It is the right thing to do since employees/direct reports/associates are human beings, and 2) When a boss creates a fun and respectful work environment then that increases morale around the workplace and that in turn creates higher quality work and more productivity.  Really there are two equal sides to the success of a company: 1) How the company treats its customers−they must be given stellar service so they will be repeat customers and will virally spread the great word about the company, and 2) A good boss treats his/her people well since that increases morale, work quality, and productivity.  When a good boss combines that sort of treatment of customers with that sort of treatment of employees/direct reports/associates that is a winning combination that will make the company−and everyone who works there−soar!


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