Time for a Change!

ChangeEver since humans first entered the stage of this place we call earth we have been nomads.  Most of us have this ceaseless desire to ramble about.  Most of us spend time looking out the windows during our days daydreaming about being anywhere else but where we are currently−this starts at our earliest ages at our school desks and never changes as we slip into the real life of adulthood.  Nomads we have been since the beginning and nomads we will always be so long as our species exists; thus, there is zero wonder why most people eventually come around to a time when it is time for a change!

Here are 10 signs you are definitely ready for a change:

  1. No matter what you do day in and day out you are bored stiff.
  2. You just know deep inside of you that there has got to be something different to do with your life−that is your mind and heart screaming at you…listen!
  3. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. come right out and tell you that you are not the person you used to be and that, perhaps, you need a change−a trademark of someone who truly cares about you is someone who WILL come out and have the courage to tell you that you are no longer you and that you better find some way to shake up your life.
  4. “Speaking” of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc., your mind and heart are telling you it may be time to dump some of these people and seek out new people to add to your life…listen!
  5. You spend most of your day with your eyes glued to your watch or the clock on your computer or on the wall.
  6. You get home and settle into the same old routine day after day and night after night.  It is the same dreadful, mind-numbing, and spirit-crushing stuff.  If you live to be 100 (or more) life moves on at an indescribably fast pace compared to cosmic time, so there is no time to waste being stuck in a rut.  Get up, get out into the world, and rock until your final breath!
  7. You have this gross feeling in your gut that all of the dreams you have had for your life are dying and blowing away in the wind.  What a tragedy when even just one dream bites the dust.
  8. You are watching the world fall apart another day on the news and that forces you to reconsider this world and your place in it−will you go on with the status quo or will you live the life you want despite the fact that the world seems to be always on the brink of destruction?
  9. You sit in your cubicle or office at work and cannot keep your mind on your work at all.  You would rather launch yourself off of a cliff than be there another nanosecond.  Get your credentials in order (and, learn new things like social media or other 21st Century facets of the world of work if needed), start hitting up your network of contacts (and, learn about the networking groups in your area and be religious about attending those groups−follow the three-foot rule, which means tell anyone within three feet of you about yourself and that your are seeking work in X area), start looking for other work that will satisfy you using all available means, and every chance you get, including giving up some of the things you usually do that can afford to be put on hold, slam away and slam away relentlessly until it happens.  Given the economy and its associated terrible job market DO NOT quit your existing job until you have an offer letter in your hand from your next employer.
  10. You have itchy feet−i.e. the need to travel.  Again, we are nomads.

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