Be a Real Best Friend

Real Best Friends GraphicI have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe that all of us have only a handful (maybe two) of real best friends and that all of the other people we know are acquaintances.  Here are seven ways I just brainstormed in a few minutes about how to be a real best friend to your real best friends:

  1. Understand that a friendship is like a marriage. It requires total commitment, patience, understanding, forgiveness, unselfishness on your part, and hard work.
  2. Put your friends before yourself. I would take the place of my best friends in front of a screaming locomotive.
  3. Always encourage your friends’ aspirations, ideas, beliefs, and talents.
  4. We all need our space—a little breathing room—from time to time. Know when to step away from your friends to give them that needed space.
  5. If you are not there (even once) the second a friend has a problem you have dropped the ball. You need to immediately apologize and make the situation right with your friend and promise to never let him/her down again.
  6. Forevermore, be a sounding board—sometimes you need to not say a word and just be something your friends can yell at so they can vent.
  7. Never be afraid to let your friends know when they have let you down. It is the only way your friendship will grow and get beyond difficulties and support is a two-way street.

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