A Social Media Vacation

Social Media VacationI have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe before about the real definition of recreation.  If you take the word apart, it literally means to re-create oneself.

Since I have so many social media platforms and a great deal going on in my professional and personal life I decided to take a vacation from all of my social media platforms.  That vacation and time of re-creation has lasted 37 days.  I felt the need to take a break and get many, many exceptionally important professional and personal goals achieved.  I can say with pride (not the gross kind of pride) and with a smile on my face that I have achieved all of the professional and personal goals I set out to achieve by letting all of my social media platforms sit idle.  And, you know what?  The world did not come to an end.  I think sometimes we place too much importance on social media when instead we ought to be more involved with everyday life and be more involved with meeting people in person in the real world instead of the virtual world.

This self-imposed “exile” from social media has already brought one huge benefit for me—I have achieved said professional and personal goals.  And, I am now ready to come back to all of my social media platforms entirely refreshed and ready to come back with all cylinders firing.

As a writer, a social person, and as a person who loves to mutually share information of all kinds with other people I get great satisfaction out of social media; however, sometimes a break even from things that matter to us is critical so that we are able to re-create ourselves.

If you are struggling to get things done and are feeling the pressures of life and need to rejuvenate, by all means do yourself a gargantuan favor—take a break from some of the things in your life, including things that matter to you a great deal.  Life has its challenges and we all need to do what it takes to recapture ourselves so we can get things done and come back from our self-imposed “exiles” refreshed, full of new ideas and perspectives, and ready to tackle life and jump back with joy into the things we temporarily took a vacation from in order to re-create ourselves.

I am happy to report that I am ready to dive back into all of my social media platforms with vigor once again.

Stay tuned…

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