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Waning Winter

It is obvious to everyone who knows me that I need constant change in my life.  The fact that I have so many interests is one of the primary movers […]

A Social Media Vacation

I have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe before about the real definition of recreation.  If you take the word apart, it literally means to re-create oneself. Since I have so […]

Be a Real Best Friend

I have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe that all of us have only a handful (maybe two) of real best friends and that all of the other people we know […]

Make Your Life Easier

I am sitting here listening to a variety of music (a daily and rabid occurrence for me) and drifted off into thoughts of how we can make life a bit easier to […]

Proper English Matters

The English language has a long and complicated history and etymology, neither of which I will enter into in this venue.  We are at a point in history where the […]

Time for a Change!

Ever since humans first entered the stage of this place we call earth we have been nomads.  Most of us have this ceaseless desire to ramble about.  Most of us […]

Raymond and Debra

Siblings Raymond and Debra have always been so close they can read each other like a book and are constantly sewn at the hip.  At 10, Raymond is just two […]

Scott's World Famous Hamburgers

To those who know me and have tasted my barbecued hamburgers (technically grilled since the “BBQ” uses propone and not charcoal), I am known for my “world famous” hamburgers. Since […]

The Good Boss.  Sounds like a television show, correct?  Well, real life is way more serious than the fictitious stories we see played out on television.  And, being a boss […]