Make Your Life Easier

I am sitting here listening to a variety of music (a daily and rabid occurrence for me) and drifted off into thoughts of how we can make life a bit easier to […]

Proper English Matters

The English language has a long and complicated history and etymology, neither of which I will enter into in this venue.  We are at a point in history where the […]

The Good Boss.  Sounds like a television show, correct?  Well, real life is way more serious than the fictitious stories we see played out on television.  And, being a boss […]

Excellence Matters

Perfection is impossible while excellence is not. You only truly own two things in life—your name and your character. Excellence reflects a stellar character. Who would you go to when […]

14 Myths About Writing

Writers and non-writers alike have loads of preconceived notions about writing, and many of those preconceived notions are myths in my mind.  While I could write a list significantly longer […]

Effective Management

As a professional who has managed people in the past and who is managing people now, it has always amazed and baffled me at just how poor so many managers of […]

Success Is a Continuous Journey

All of the world’s dictionaries have very common definitions of success.  So, I will leave it to you to read what dictionaries define as success.  I think that the dictionaries […]