Proper English Matters

The English language has a long and complicated history and etymology, neither of which I will enter into in this venue.  We are at a point in history where the […]

14 Myths About Writing

Writers and non-writers alike have loads of preconceived notions about writing, and many of those preconceived notions are myths in my mind.  While I could write a list significantly longer […]

Beyond the Peaks

A Short Story by Scott D. McBean Virel was a man with a magnificent physique.  His life mate, Muliel, featured a beauty so riveting it made Virel ache each time […]

Overcome Writer's Block

We all encounter that curse of writer’s block.  Here is a great−and short−video about overcoming said curse. Remember the quote that is found in various places on Scott’s Eclectic Universe: […]

Writing: The Toil Can Be Funny

Dear Fellow Writers: We all burn with the passion for writing, and we have the expertise to make it happen; however, we all know that sometimes writing−like anything−can be quite […]

Writers−Take Care of Yourselves

What is the one thing writers−especially passionate and dedicated writers−never stop doing (unless it is time to tend to other things that we must do−eat, sleep, exercise, run errands and […]