Waning Winter

It is obvious to everyone who knows me that I need constant change in my life.  The fact that I have so many interests is one of the primary movers […]

A Social Media Vacation

I have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe before about the real definition of recreation.  If you take the word apart, it literally means to re-create oneself. Since I have so […]

Be a Real Best Friend

I have written on Scott’s Eclectic Universe that all of us have only a handful (maybe two) of real best friends and that all of the other people we know […]

Make Your Life Easier

I am sitting here listening to a variety of music (a daily and rabid occurrence for me) and drifted off into thoughts of how we can make life a bit easier to […]

Proper English Matters

The English language has a long and complicated history and etymology, neither of which I will enter into in this venue.  We are at a point in history where the […]

Time for a Change!

Ever since humans first entered the stage of this place we call earth we have been nomads.  Most of us have this ceaseless desire to ramble about.  Most of us […]

Raymond and Debra

Siblings Raymond and Debra have always been so close they can read each other like a book and are constantly sewn at the hip.  At 10, Raymond is just two […]

Scott's World Famous Hamburgers

To those who know me and have tasted my barbecued hamburgers (technically grilled since the “BBQ” uses propone and not charcoal), I am known for my “world famous” hamburgers. Since […]

It’s Playtime

As we leave childhood the child we once were becomes our inner child.  For most adults it seems that as the stressors, responsibilities, and the like increase the more their inner […]

Time to Re-Create

The word investment has several meanings, especially an investment of time and/or money and/or energy into something.  The word recreation literally means to re-create oneself (to take time away from […]