It’s Playtime

As we leave childhood the child we once were becomes our inner child.  For most adults it seems that as the stressors, responsibilities, and the like increase the more their inner […]

Time to Re-Create

The word investment has several meanings, especially an investment of time and/or money and/or energy into something.  The word recreation literally means to re-create oneself (to take time away from […]

Excellence Matters

Perfection is impossible while excellence is not. You only truly own two things in life—your name and your character. Excellence reflects a stellar character. Who would you go to when […]

Interviews Gone Bad

        My posts usually focus on writing, excellence, and other topics that tend to make me write in a more serious tone of “voice.”  I thought it […]

14 Myths About Writing

Writers and non-writers alike have loads of preconceived notions about writing, and many of those preconceived notions are myths in my mind.  While I could write a list significantly longer […]

Effective Management

As a professional who has managed people in the past and who is managing people now, it has always amazed and baffled me at just how poor so many managers of […]

Friend—The True Definition

Aristotle wrote, “A friend is a second self.” Among other ways, Merriam-Webster defines friend as: One attached to another by affection or esteem. A favored companion. The old adage is […]