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Written Word

Having had a romance with the written word—reading and writing—since childhood, it was a natural progression for me to pursue that option with full vigor at college.

After graduating from the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a Major in Advertising and a Minor in History (one class short of a Minor in Geology) from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, I went on to become an award-winning writer, editor, and marketing communications professional.  I have worked for Black & Veatch where I was promoted to a supervisory role with six direct reports after only three years in the Marketing Department, Sprint, then had my own company called Parker Productions for a decade that offered writing, editing, and marketing communications services.  I then worked a contract in the Marketing Studio Department at Hallmark Cards where the contract was extended three times due to my performance and results.

I worked as an Operations Manager, Customer Expectations Manager, Leader on Duty, and Shrink and Loss Prevention Captain for Office Depot.  I was responsible for driving exceptional customer service, all Operations and Logistics, and meeting or exceeding daily sales goals.  I also performed complex opening and closing procedures, operated the cash registers and the copy and print equipment as needed, and guided associates in improving their performance.  I resolved issues with upset customers and associates, read and interpreted store metrics to create plans for improvements, and worked to create a fun and high morale environment within the store.  My customer satisfaction index was regularly in the 90%+ range with some days reaching 100%.

I offer freelance writing and editing.  In this role I wrote monthly NewsFlash email newsletter content for the National Association of Parliamentarians.  I am currently providing full editing services for an author’s upcoming book.  I am always ready to bring my passion and expertise to your next writing, editing, and/or marketing communications project or as an employee of your company!

My writing experience includes the following print and online materials: storytelling, creative, promotional (any marketing collateral you would expect from a marketing department), social media, technical, training, and news.  I have taught writing classes at Communiversity, the adult education/continuing education arm of the University of Missouri—Kansas City (UMKC).  I have been writing professionally for over 20 years.

I am proficient in Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, intranets, the Internet, and at an advanced level with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10—PC and Mac.  I am adept at Facebook (Personal and Business pages), Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube,, and (the website platform I use for my website).

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I have extensive experience with film cameras, digital cameras, and photo-editing.

Verbal Communications

My verbal skills include presenting, public speaking, training, teaching, interviewing, and facilitating meetings, forums, and events.  I researched, wrote, and delivered news for KMAN Radio in Manhattan, Kansas—”The Little Apple.”

The above Written Word and Verbal Communications sections comprise the Professional Tips I will offer on Scott’s Eclectic Universe.  New categories will be added as this blog continues to grow.

Personal Interests

Life is too short for me to be bored, and life is too short for me to be boring to others.  While this is not the whole shebang, the following is a decent sampling of my personal interests.

Reading, writing (big surprise, huh?), crossword puzzles, evolution, archaeology, history, Indians/indigenous populations, rock art (pictographs and petroglyphs), genealogy (I am our family’s genealogist for both our paternal and maternal lines—although I live in Kansas City I consider myself Celtic/Gaelic/Scottish before anything else), philosophy, mythology, geography, linguistics, etymology, politics, current events, and all aspects of popular culture.  I am also in love with natural history, especially astronomy and geology.

Having worked crop and animal farms and ranches I adore the rural places and outdoor spaces.  There is nothing like the majesty of horses, and dogs rule the universe.

One of the things to do on this third stone from the sun that makes me sizzle the most is adventure travel.  I have a special affinity for Alberta (Canada), Montana, Wyoming, and the Four Corners, especially southeast Utah (Utah—my love).  I exercise my affection for adventure travel all over, but especially in the aforementioned areas—off-roading, hiking, primitive camping, and scenic photography.  The silence is profound, and the stars are so plentiful it is as if a colossal can of white paint has been spilled across the sky, and the falling stars never cease.

Music is a white-hot passion of mine.  I am into the histories and sounds of nearly every genre of music on the planet.  Friedrich Nietzsche was correct when he noted that, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”  My Top 5 favorite genres are (in no particular order): progressive rock, southern rock, country, jazz fusion, and classical (with honorable mentions given to the bagpipes and drums!…and Tuvan Throat Singing).  My favorite band since their first record in 1974 is Rush, and Rush’s drummer (and chief lyricist and book author), Neil Peart, is my all-time favorite drummer.

From Grade 5 through Grade 12 I played the trombone in all of the school bands—was trombone section leader in the marching and symphonic bands my senior year.  I have played the drum set since 1978 and have been in a number of bands over the years—typically rock and electric blues and a bit of country.

I also enjoy target shooting and fishing—nothing fancy, just lakes, rivers, and farm ponds with a basic rod, reel, and worms (no massive collection of lures in my case).  And, watersports are always a great way to relax for me—swimming, motorboats, rowboats, and canoes.

The above comprises the Personal Interests I will offer on Scott’s Eclectic Universe.  New categories will be added as this blog continues to grow.


Individual liberties and freedom are paramount to me.  Please see the Freedom Links in the top Menu (right side) of Scott’s Eclectic Universe.

While I am all about the individual, I also truly believe in helping others.  In fact, I strive to live a life of meaning, and my guiding principle is that if I have not helped other people before my time is up my life will have been a complete waste.

Favorite Quotations

“I am still learning.”—Michelangelo.  (Consider the accomplishments of this genius and that will illustrate to you the magnitude of this quotation.)

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”—Leonardo da Vinci.  (Another master who still matters today as much as he did in his own time.)  That is, perfection is impossible while excellence is not.  Always pursue excellence.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”—Philo of Alexandria.

Additional Information

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Please also visit my website where you will find my professional information, my book, “Career Transition Tailored to Your Best Asset—YOU!” for sale, further contact information, and links to my Facebook Business page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, Google+ profile, and YouTube Channel.

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